Seaside, The Violent Monks, Majak Door @ The Gasometer Hotel

Majak Door captivate the growing crowd with their lo-fi production. Songs like Daisies and recent single Shotgun are hypnotic and dreamy, and the band are laidback, which matches the atmosphere in the room. Majak Door send psychedelic vibes throughout the room with their jangly sound.

The Violent Monks start their set with Christmas Ham. Bassist Max Moon is smiling from ear-to-ear as they increase the heat in the room with their raw punk. A few technical difficulties don’t stop them from having fun and doing what they do best, putting on a strong performance. A cover of Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So excites the crowd into a passionate singalong. Their song Coatails saw their set through to a tumultuous end.

Seaside 'Joyride' Single Tour

Tonight Seaside start their Joyride tour with a big crowd and the song Sycamore. In between songs, singer Darcy Dexter talks about the importance of supporting local bands – which the audience clearly do, as displayed by their love for the bands playing tonight. The four-piece cover I Wanna Be Adored. Dexter walks into the crowd for The Stone Roses classic, getting among the front-row punters. The singer is completely in sync with drummer Chris Mellross’ and bassist Tom Ketelaars’ precise beats and rhythms. Golden Girl is a major highlight of the night, Josh O’Neil Hammer’s shimmering guitar lines a standout. Dexter’s vocals are soft and angelic as she smoothly sings her heart out and right in the middle of the track the crowd start to clap in time to its spacious drum line.

Seaside 'Joyride' Single Tour

The next cover is TV On The Radio’s Wolf Like Me and a few people from the back squeeze themselves to the front. The Violent Monks’ singer Tom Callanan joins them on stage. As the music intensifies, the crowd jumps in exhilaration. It’s time for Joyride, the first single from their highly anticipated debut album. The song is euphoric, charged with a faster, post-punk flavour. The track finishes and the band drop their instruments as the crowd chant “One more song!” The band talk among themselves and then ignite the room with New Order’s Age Of Consent. The night comes to an end and the band are glowing, along with many in the room.

Photos by: Renee Coster

Written by: Alicia Ogley for The Music

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