The Cherry Dolls, Househats, Longboys, Sprung Bad @ The Tote

Melbourne’s cold weather isn’t stopping The Tote from warming up with Sprung Bad in action. The indie-rock band fuse Britpop and Australian rock to produce an enjoyable set. LongBoys increase the heat with dreamy sounds fit for summer. Over-Bored and Operatin’ are full of colourful guitar that hypnotises the people in the room and makes them sway to the music. Indie-punks Househats bring a hard rhythm and fighting spirit into their set, Margy Noble standing out with her sparkly dress and booming bass. The grungy guitars and thumping drums in Living At The Station are a highlight, and All Together is another, encouraging the crowd to sing along even if they don’t know the lyrics.

The Cherry Dolls kick off their set with COP Out. Explosive song Slave ignites more rock’n’roll entertainment as singer Joshua Aubry throws his microphone into the air and effortlessly catches it again. As the song finishes Aubry attempts to remove his jacket but can’t – the crowd chants “Take it off!” The jacket is finally off and Aubry screams his heart out on Let You Down. Aubry is on top of his game tonight – as are the band, this is their last headline show before they hit the studio to create more magic. “Is everyone alright?” he asks after the song. “As long as you’re alright I’m alright. The next song we’re playing is I Feel Alright.

The band plays one of their earlier songs, The Last Time, with Maxine Nightingale’s Right Back Where We Started From mixed in. The band says they’re going to do a cover of The Angels before Take A Long Line blasts through the speakers. Punters jump around as they enjoy the Aussie classic. The band finished on a high with single Around & Around, Aubry wrapping the microphone cord around his face. They stretch the song out, showing off a punk streak in the crashing extension. Arms are in the air and people jump around, enjoying the last few moments of this great rock’n’roll band in action. Aubry looks exhausted but doesn’t give up as he hangs from the ceiling and jumps around the stage. Flashing strobes give the viewers a sight to remember, the show ending with Aubrey having a well-deserved crowdsurf.

Written by Alicia Ogley for The Music

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